Japan Isn’t Dying: We All Are

Japan’s economic future is everyone’s future

Illegal Immigration Has Already Stabilized

The number of unauthorized immigrants peaked in 2007 at roughly 12 million

Taxes Are Low

How has top marginal tax rate changed over the years?

The Cost of Creating a Drug

It could be $161 million, or $1.8 billion, or maybe $2.6 billion

Living Life in a Box

Learning about life through metaphorical boxes

Millennials Are Taking Over

Millennials, also known as “Generation Y”, are today’s 16- to 35-year- olds. This generation has a global population of over 2 billion, eclipsing that of Generation X and…

Oil Discovery Versus Production

Peak oil has disappeared from the mainstream press headlines–almost. On August 29, Bloomberg published a story alerting to the fact that conventional oil discovery has reached a 70-year low. It…

Future World Population Growth

The most discussed forecasts of the world population are those by the Population Division of the United Nations that are discussed here. But there are also other institutions…

The Future of Video

It was all a dream. The traditional television network business was straightforward: get carriage, grow eyeballs, and sell ads. Online will work very differently. Here, we explain the…

The Internet & Voting

The winning candidate was the one who dominated the new metrics: Hillary Clinton may have had 500 newspapers and magazine endorsements to Trump’s 27, and may have spent more than…